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AOC Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil wines


Our wines benefit from special attention: 

In order to obtain supple and easy-drinking wines, we pay the greatest attention to our Wines. Depending on the Cuvées, aging in vats or in chestnut barrels is carried out. In the absence of wood tannins, this aging gives a certain "maturity" to our wines and therefore makes them wiser and more pleasant on the palate. We give them in a way, an education for the pleasure of the taster!



  • Élégante
    <p><strong>"The sublimated fruit"</strong></p> <p>Its name "Elégante" recalls the flexibility and elegance of this Cuvée. The aromatic finesse is seductive. The deep color offers a mouth whose texture is at the same time fleshy, elegant and fruity.</p> <p>This cuvée from our young vines (under 40 years old) will ideally accompany white meats, light dishes, grilled meats ...</p> <p>For a pleasant moment of conviviality.</p>
  • Concerto
    <p><b>"A moment of emotion ... a melody from the Palate"</b></p> <p>Nectar from our old vines (60 to 80 years old on average).</p> <p>The deep and complex nose opens with a dense, soft and tasty texture. It lines the palate and leaves a velvety and delicious tone in the mouth.</p> <p>This cuvée from our oldest vines is worth resting for a few years before being tasted. It will be able to express itself fully with tasty meats and dishes in sauce.</p>
  • Improvisation
    <p><strong>"A sensory adventure"</strong></p> <p>This wine comes from plots of old vines. Its aging is a subtle alliance between chestnut barrels and oak barrels.</p> <p>The intense color "delivers" a nose filled with subtle notes of spices, cinnamon, black fruits and vanilla. An elegant wine whose tasting will tattoo your taste buds like an "open book" on your palate.</p> <p>A wine to taste alone or with grilled red meat, fleur de sel ...</p> <p>Dare to improvise!</p>
  • Préludise
    <p><b>"A fresh wine ... of warm moments"</b></p> <p>Our rosé de saignée, dry and fruity, is delicious. It is adorned with a dressing highlighting its refreshing color and by its name "Préludise" recalls its place as a prelude to the meal.</p> <p>Served chilled, it will find its place as an aperitif, with starters (asparagus, avocado, cold meats, etc.), paired with fish (salmon, grilled prawns, etc.), or with white, cold or grilled meats… A great repertoire!</p>
  • Custom wines boxes
    <p>Compose your own box by selecting from our AOC Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil red and rosé wines.</p>
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