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  • One Adress for one order
  • Becareful : Transport Costs for your country only available when you'll filled your adress
  • List of countries available : Deutschland, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, England.

  •     England : transports costs available only until the  20th of December.  New prices in 2021
Red Wine Improvisation AOC Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil


"A sensory adventure"

This wine comes from plots of old vines. Its aging is a subtle alliance between chestnut barrels and oak barrels.

The intense color "delivers" a nose filled with subtle notes of spices, cinnamon, black fruits and vanilla. An elegant wine whose tasting will tattoo your taste buds like an "open book" on your palate.

A wine to taste alone or with grilled red meat, fleur de sel ...

Dare to improvise!


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